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1KOMMA5°: The Newest Unicorn in the Energy Industry

1KOMMA5° has become a unicorn! Only 23 months after our foundation, we have reached a valuation of 1 billion US-Dollar, a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team. With G2VP as our new shareholder and lead-investor and the appointment of Ben Kortlang as new Vice-Chairmen of our board, we are proud to be supported by one of the most renowned U.S. technology investors, as we continue our journey of sustainable energy solutions.
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1KOMMA5° raises 215 Million Euro in Equity and Expands in Six Markets

Our mission is to create a world where everyone can live on wind and sunlight forever for free. We are humbled and grateful to have raised 215 million Euro in equity for this mission, exceeding our target volume of 150 million Euro due to oversubscription. We have also set aside an additional 215 million Euro in re-participation options, which can be paid as part of the purchase price for new acquisitions. This enables us to invest up to 430 million Euro or 470 million US-Dollar in total into the vertical integration of the value chain and double down on tech development around Heartbeat and our virtual power plant.

Our latest acquisition of market leader Viasol in Denmark has expanded our reach into six markets, and we are excited to continue expanding into Spain, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland by the end of 2023. By entering into these markets, we can provide more customers with sustainable energy solutions and drive the development of a cleaner, greener future.

The 1.5° climate target needs speed in execution and with this round we are delivering our contribution to make as many buildings CO2 neutral as quickly as possible.
Philipp Schröder

Creating the Clean Electricity Market of the Future

Our commitment to innovation and technology has always been at the heart of our work, and we are pleased to announce that we will be investing a high double-digit million amount in our new R&D site and team in Berlin. This investment will enable us to further advance software capabilities in energy management, virtual power plant, and device connection around Heartbeat, our proprietary energy IoT system.

We are excited to announce that from 2024, Heartbeat will also be available for existing energy devices that are compatible with our system. This development is a significant step forward in creating the biggest virtual power plant, and we are proud to be leading the way into a more sustainable energy future.

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