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Heartbeat - Your Smart Energy Manager by 1KOMMA5°

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The Core of Your Energy System

Heartbeat serves as the centerpiece of your energy system, ensuring perfectly interconnected components and extracting the maximum potential from your self-generated electricity.

Our energy manager Heartbeat enables you to optimise your energy demand at home, resulting in an increase in your photovoltaic self-consumption by 10%.

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Energy Trader

Access to Tomorrow's Energy World Today

The Energy Trader allows for intelligent electricity sourcing and proactive energy management through the use of your energy data.

Cost: 9.99 Euro per month

Flex Bonus: minimum annual 300 Euro for the next 5 years - Guaranteed!

In combination with energy cost savings through optimised energy management, your 300 Euro Mobility Bonus (THG Quote), and the minimum 300 Euro Flex Bonus, the advantage can reach up to 700 Euro.

Please note that this is currently only available in Germany.

Heartbeat App

1KOMMA5° App: Smart Energy Management at Your Fingertips

Access real-time energy flows and historical data in the 1KOMMA5° app, keeping all energy system information in one place.

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Self-consumption optimisation

Get the Most out of Your Power Generation

Independent: Heartbeat enables optimised self-consumption and thus increases your degree of self-sufficiency.

Connected: Your components are combined into a smart overall system in which energy production and consumption are coordinated.

Intelligent: Heartbeat intelligently controls your consumption and uses your electricity in a way that gives you the greatest economic advantage. You use up to 10% of your solar electricity yourself - that's about 100 Euro p.a..

Energymanager Heartbeat product
Green Electricity Contract

Say Goodbye to High Energy Bills with Heartbeat's New Energy Market Access

Heartbeat is available in a bundle with our green electricity contract - it obtains clean electricity when it is cheap on the energy market.

Flexible: If there is a lot of wind energy available, the electricity price on the electricity exchange drops. This is exactly when Heartbeat controls your devices that are supplied with green electricity from the grid, such as the wallbox of your electric car or your heat pump.

Dynamic: Heartbeat optimises the procurement of your required residual electricity on the energy market. You benefit directly from the low electricity prices.

THG-Quote Heartbeat
Mobility Bonus

Drive Clean and Save Big

With the Mobility Bonus in the Heartbeat Package, you secure free electricity worth 300 Euro (per e-car) per year. We market your CO2 savings via the GHG quota!

GHG quota: The greenhouse gas reduction quota regulates the reduction of climate-damaging gases. CO2 savings from e-cars are made tradable by the Federal Environment Agency. The saved CO2 emissions are sold to companies that sell fossil fuels so that they share in the costs of environmental pollution.

No hassle: We organise the certification and market it to companies in the petroleum industry. The proceeds flow back to you - in the form of free green electricity.