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1KOMMA5° Purpose

Innovative Solutions for a Greener Future with 1KOMMA5°


Technologies Transforming Our Lifes

The first phase of the energy and mobility transition has given rise to technologies that are already cheaper and better than any alternative before them, set to fundamentally and permanently transform our lives. However, the installation, service, and operation of millions of decentralized technologies have become a challenge, especially in terms of costs and the pace at which we need to drive the transformation of our economy and society. That's where 1KOMMA5° comes in, determined to change the game."

The right Investment

Partner with Us for a Carbon-Neutral Future

The entry of major players is increasingly putting pressure on the market. 1KOMMA5° counteracts the consolidation by corporations with a strong alliance of entrepreneurs who act quickly and independently.

We are looking for highly motivated, hard-working entrepreneurs with a passion for making a real impact on our climate. People who lead and are driven to make a difference.
Philipp Schröder
CEO, Co-Founder