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Innovation Meets Energy Sector - Sascha Schnorbach Becomes VP Development at 1KOMMA5°

The team at 1KOMMA5° is excited to welcome Sascha Schnorbach as the new VP Development. With an impressive experience of 5.5 years in Customer Engineering at Google successfully leading the engineering team for startups in the DACH region, Sascha brings a fascinating background to the table. It is the combination of innovation and speed in the startup sector that motivated him to join the 1KOMMA5° team.
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Sascha’s Experience at Google

During his time at Google, Sascha assisted large energy corporations as well as small startups in the energy sector with scaling their operations using Google technologies. He actively supported them in implementing IoT projects and played a crucial role in establishing the engineering team for startups in the DACH region. His expertise in the energy sector and his experience in working with innovative technologies made him well-suited for the challenge at 1KOMMA5°.

Sascha's interest in the digital transformation of the energy sector and the opportunity to drive the energy transition through data-based products were pivotal factors in his decision to join 1KOMMA5°. He recognized the immense potential of startups like 1KOMMA5° to significantly influence progress in the energy sector and shape the future of our climate. The growing technology team at 1KOMMA5° and its highly motivated colleagues convinced Sascha to embrace the opportunity to contribute to the company's goals.

Energiemanager Heartbeat App auf iPad
Smart Energy Management

Always the Best Prices with Heartbeat

Heartbeat - The Core of Energy Management at 1KOMMA5°

At the heart of Sascha's work and the entire team's efforts lies 1KOMMA5°'s flagship product, the Energy Management System Heartbeat. 

With Heartbeat, 1KOMMA5° aims to provide its customers with a platform that enables them to better understand, control, and optimize their energy production and consumption through a single app. The goal is to help customers save costs and realize the vision of a future powered by renewable energy sources, without incurring additional expenses.
Sascha Schnorbach
VP Development 1KOMMA5°

Heartbeat connects all devices within a household and constantly seeks out the most cost-effective power source. It taps into the customer's photovoltaic system, maximizing the utilization of self-generated electricity. Simultaneously, Heartbeat grants access to the energy market, leveraging its volatile price fluctuations to ensure customers have access to the cheapest and cleanest electricity available. By intelligently managing power consumers, such as electric vehicle wall chargers or heat pumps, in conjunction with an energy storage system, Heartbeat significantly extends the availability of affordable solar and wind power.


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