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Solar panels produce electricity when the sun is up. Your home uses some of that and sells the excess power back to the grid at the prevailing feed-in-tariff. However, at night, power companies charge up to ten times as much as they paid you, to sell power back to you. With a battery storage system, such as Enphase IQ Battery 5P or Tesla Powerwall, you can use the free energy that the sun gave you during the day.

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1KOMMA5° Enphase IQ Battery
15-year warranty. Installed by experts.

Enphase IQ Battery - Save $2,000 With A Solar & Battery Bundle

The Enphase system has been designed to be modular, expandable, and easily installed. Because the batteries can be cycled multiple times across the day, they can be tailored to each customer’s usage profile. A household or business will be able to monitor their usage, solar generation and peak times, and install more battery capacity knowing that it will pay for itself in the quickest possible time.

Enphase IQ Batteries are connected directly to the meter board, where we install a control hub (the IQ System Controller) that manages power consumption and storage in the home. In the future, this may allow the Enphase IQ Battery to be compatible with any existing solar system – but for now, this exciting new product is only available to customers with Enphase solar systems!

1KOMMA5° Tesla Powerwall
10-year warranty. Easy energy management.

Tesla Powerwall - We Will Pay Your $750 Tesla Rebate!

Tesla Powerwall is a smart home battery system that integrates with your existing solar system and can provide backup power for when the grid goes down. In Australia, solar batteries have completely revolutionised the way households use, store and manage their power. It is now possible to run your household on solar power 24 hours a day.

  • Has over double the storage capacity

  • Includes an integrated battery inverter-charger and the Tesla app

  • Performs better in a range of temperatures and is easier to install

Tesla Powerwall enables solar households to further reduce their power bill and maximise solar self-consumption. In fact, with a capacity of 13.5 kWh, a typical family home will be able to run all evening on stored solar power.


6 Reasons to Enhance Your Solar System with Battery Storage

Step 1
We advise you personally.

Our energy advisors will create a tailored offer based on your information. We will explain everything about subsidies, energy management and your individual energy solution.

Step 2
We install your solar power system.

If you are satisfied with the planning of your solar system, we will arrange an installation date once the contract is signed, at which time our team will install and commission everything on your premises.

Step 3
We stay by your side.

Even after installation, we remain your long-term partner. Whether you have questions about energy, warranty issues or service, we want to be your contact for the expansion of your energy system with a heat pump or EV charger.

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