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Heartbeat - New Energy Tech To Eliminate Power Bills

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Energiemanager Heartbeat
The future of energy

Coming Soon: Heartbeat

Heartbeat is an energy management system that gives your solar system superpowers. And it's taking Europe by storm.

Heartbeat is our power-bill killer.

Over 40% of 1KOMMA5° customers across Europe paid less than $0 a kWh for their electricity in May 2024.

Heartbeat optimises your energy consumption by leveraging periods of low-cost electricity, making it possible to live on renewable energy for free.

VIP Access: When you buy a solar power system from 1KOMMA5°, you can jump the queue once Heartbeat launches. Pre-orders are opening soon!

Customer Stories

"Having solar is the most sensible thing you can do to save money."

Robert, 1KOMMA5° Customer

Customer Testimonial Robert
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Why Choose 1KOMMA5°:


Top-tier products

Our exclusive 1KOMMA5° products are designed to ensure you receive the best quality and value for your money.


Industry's best warranties

We offer comprehensive warranties on our solar systems.



We can help with all your energy needs from solar, battery storage & EV chargers. Heat pumps and air conditioning are coming soon!


Local support team

We're always ready to assist you, ensuring you receive the help you need whenever you need it.


Global talent

We have global experts dedicated to bringing advanced energy technologies to Australia, aiming to eliminate power bills.


Strong mission

We have reduced global household carbon emissions by 14 megatons, more than any other Australian solar company.


Coming soon: Heatbeat

When you join the 1KOMMA5° family, you get exclusive first access to new technologies including Heartbeat, our power-bill killer , that will soon become available in Australia.

Heartbeat is the core of your energy system, delivering the cheapest and cleanest electricity available. It seamlessly integrates your solar panels, battery storage, EV charger, and heat pump while analysing weather patterns and electricity prices to optimise energy consumption.


Together, let's pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

1K5 Full Black Panel
Solar System

Clean and cheap electricity directly from the sun

Your climate-neutral journey starts with a solar system.

Installing solar panels in your home enables you to reduce your power bills and secure inflation-free energy costs for over 30 years.

We have solar systems that suit any home, no matter what your energy needs or goals are. Our 1KOMMA5° solar panel is developed and produced sustainably using raw materials from Germany, ensuring you get high-quality, reliability and value for money.

Energiemanager Heartbeat
Battery Storage

Store energy by day, use at night

Solar panels generate electricity when the sun is up. Your home uses some of this energy and can sell the excess power back to the grid at the prevailing feed-in tariff.

However, at night, power companies may charge you up to ten times the amount they paid for your excess energy. By installing a battery storage system, like the Enphase IQ Battery, Tesla Powerwall or SolarEdge Home Battery, you can store the free energy collected from the sun during the day and use it at night, reducing your reliance on expensive grid power.

1KOMMA5° Solarmodul
Other Energy Products

Coming Soon: Heat pumps and airconditioning

We understand that your home needs a comprehensive energy solution to ensure comfort and efficiency throughout the year.

That’s why we are excited to announce that we will soon be adding heat pumps and air conditioning units to our product range.

These innovative systems will provide you with reliable heating and cooling, tailored to your home's specific needs.

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Find out what 1KOMMA5° has been up to!

Since launching in 2021, we have helped tens of thousands of new customers each month in Germany, Australia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Italy with the means to generate clean energy while enjoying significant cost savings. Our energy solutions are designed to be future-proof & adaptable to changing energy market dynamics.

Current Specials

Solar On Roof

Replace your solar panels for FREE

Buy a new string system today, and we’ll match your old system size and add it to your new system for FREE. Plus, we'll repurpose your old panels to help power up communities in Africa and the Middle East. Offer ends 31 July.


Your next steps towards a climate-neutral life:

1KOMMA5° Australia offers a range of solutions to help you start a carbon -neutral lifestyle. From solar systems and battery storage to electric vehicle charges and soon, energy management solution, we've got your covered.

Step 1

Request a quote online.

After you send your request, one of our expert team members will give you a call.

Step 2

We give you personalised advice and recommendations.

Our energy advisors will create a tailored solution based on your needs. We will explain everything and answer your questions on solar rebates, solar installation costs and process, energy management and more.

Step 3

We install your solar power system.

Once you've signed off on your quote and made a deposit, we will arrange an installation date that works with your schedule.

What happens after?

We stay as your energy partner.

Whether you have questions about energy, warranty issues or service or you're looking to expand to other energy efficient solutions, you can reach out to us any time.

Solar panel Sydney
Energy Solutions

Our Solutions for an Energy Efficient Home

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Solar Power System

Affordable Electricity Through Solar.

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Power Storage

Use Your Own Electricity even at Night.

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EV Charger

Utilise Solar Energy for Your Electric Car.

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Smart Energy Manager

Optimise Your Grid Power Consumption.

Awards and Recognitions

The 1KOMMA5° Difference

REC Partner Of The Year
New Energy Tech Approved Seller
Enphase Platinum Installer
Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer 2024
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Become Part of Our Mission!

In less than 6 years, the global CO₂ budget will be exhausted, and the Earth will be 1.5°C warmer.


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