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SolarEdge Genesis Inverter
The Best of Both Worlds

SolarEdge: Maximum Benefits With Minimum Costs

Industry leading efficiency and flexibility

Maximised energy output from each solar panel and optimised for all conditions, including shading and clouds. Plus, it fits any roof regardless of panel type, orientation or tilt.

Effective safety measures

Safety features for maximum protection to keep your family and property safe and give you peace of mind

A low cost for a reliable system

Exceptional reliability, backed by a 12-year warranty, extendable to 25 years, to make sure you get the most value for your money

Easy control and management

Track performance and production with the mySolarEdge app

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Solaredge vs String Inverters and Microinverters

SolarEdge Comparison

Efficiency And Performance

When you install a SolarEdge power optimiser you can be sure that your receiving maximum efficiency from your system with:

  • Individual panel performance, meaning even if one panel is experiencing an obstruction the rest of the system will perform at maximum efficiency, unlike the traditional string only system.

  • The mySolarEdge app allows you to manage the performance of your solar, identify any potential problems and cater your energy usage.

  • A SolarEdge system is compatible with both the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase batteries, allowing you to get the most out of your energy production.

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Safety and Peace of Mind

Enjoy maximum safety with the SolarEdge optimiser, fitted with industry leading safety features to keep your home free of harm.

  • Built in feature to reduce DC voltage to a touch safe level in case of emergency.

  • Sense Connect identifies any abnormal thermal events indicating the threat of an arc and reducing the voltage in order to prevent this.

  • Simplified wiring means more efficient management, a reduction of potential faults and minimisation of maintenance.

SolarEdge optimisers are far safer than traditional string systems alone due to these safety features and the ability to monitor system performance and health through the mySolarEdge app.

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Low Cost and Reliability

The SolarEdge power optimiser combines low cost with reliability and performance. Installing an optimiser comes at a lower cost than microinverters while still achieving the same goal of individual panel management and system efficiency.

Featuring a warranty of 25 years you can feel at ease that your system will continue to perform for you throughout its lifetime.

Why Choose 1KOMMA5°:


High-quality Products

1KOMMA5° works with the best products available to maximise output, reliability and longevity. We also provide customised solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Industry-leading Install Standards

All 1KOMMA5° installations are done by CEC accredited experts and come with full technical support and warranty service.


Reliable Customer Support

Our support team is local (no call centres) and we have been awarded by the world’s leading solar companies as the best installer in Australia, year after year.

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With 1KOMMA5° I found the whole process from start to the finish a very easy experience. From sales to the tradies leaving the home after completion. The office staff always attentive, listening and very helpful. Product is superior.
Chris T.
Coordination between the trades was fautless. The installation went very smoothly, the team were friendly and even placed a pre-existing broken roof tile for me. No tiles were broken by the installation despite the age of the roof.
Sue D.
Used them twice (on different homes). Very happy with their service. They don't deal with cheap string systems so don't even bother if all you're after is a cheap price. If you compare their offering to other vendors in the market, they are quite reasonable.

We help and guide you towards a climate-neutral life

From solar systems and battery storage for your home or business to electric vehicle chargers and energy management systems, we've got you covered. Speak to our team today to know what energy solution works for your budget and needs.

Smart Grid

Solar System

Whether you are looking for Australia’s top-performing solar panels or something more affordable that you can still rely on, we have a range of quality panels to suit your needs.

Smart Grid

Battery Storage

With a battery storage system, such as Enphase IQ Battery or Tesla Powerwall, you can use the free energy that the sun gave you during the day.


Solar & Battery

With solar panels and battery storage, you can generate and store your own electricity, reducing your reliance on the grid and ensuring power even during outages.


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