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Power Bill Killer: Coming Soon To Austalia

Heartbeat is the smart energy manager that gives your solar system superpowers

Eliminate the guesswork and secure the best electricity rates every day with Heartbeat*. It's the smart energy manager taking Europe by storm and is coming soon to Australia.

Heartbeat seamlessly integrates your solar panels, battery storage, EV charger, and heat pump while analysing weather patterns and electricity prices to optimise energy consumption. You’ll know precisely when to use or conserve energy, ensuring your energy usage is as efficient as possible for maximum savings.

Over 40% of 1KOMMA5° customers across Europe with Heartbeat paid less than $0 a kWh for their electricity in May 2024.

Buy a solar power system from 1KOMMA5° and jump the queue once Heartbeat launches. Pre-orders are opening soon!

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All in one app

Smart connectivity

Access to the cheapest electricity


How does Heartbeat work?

Heartbeat revolutionises the way you interact with your home's energy systems through cutting-edge technology. It seamlessly connects various energy devices in your household so you can access all the information you need in one app.

With Heartbeat, managing your energy is simple. You get all the benefits without the headaches. From saving money to keeping things running smoothly, Heartbeat makes home energy management a breeze.

Darstellung Eigenverbrauchsoptimierung

Making Smart Choices

Imagine if your home could decide when to charge your battery based on weather and electricity prices. That's what Heartbeat does. It tells your battery to charge up when power is cheap and save energy for cloudy days when electricity is pricey.

Heartbeat takes info about how much energy you use and combines it with weather forecasts and electricity prices. Then, it figures out the best times to store or use your solar power to save you money.

Darstellung Dynamischer Stromtarif

Seamless Integration With Different Technologies

Most energy systems only work with devices from the same brand. Heartbeat doesn’t care about brands. It brings everything together so they can work as a team. This enhances your home's efficiency and saves you time by consolidating all your energy data into one easy-to-use platfor

Solaranlage Heartbeat Upgrade

Keeping Things Running Smoothly

Heartbeat doesn’t just save you money—it also keeps an eye on your solar panels. If something's not working right, it lets you know so you can fix it quickly.

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All In One App

With Heartbeat, you can manage your solar panels, battery, heat pump, and EV charger all in one place. No need for separate apps or complicated setups.


What are the benefits of Heartbeat?

Energiemanager Heartbeat günstiger Strom

More Savings

Unlock savings and minimise energy waste. By intelligently managing when and how your energy is stored and distributed, Heartbeat ensures your bills stay low while maximising the value of your solar investment.

Smart Grid

Seamless Integration

With Heartbeat's unified platform, controlling your home's energy consumption becomes simple and informed. All your devices work together seamlessly, empowering you to make smarter decisions about energy usage.


System efficiency

Heartbeat continuously monitors performance to maintain peak operation of all energy systems. By detecting and addressing issues early, it helps reduce downtime and minimise repair costs, keeping your home energy setup running smoothly

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Smart Energy Manager

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Awards and Recognitions

The 1KOMMA5° Difference

REC Partner Of The Year
New Energy Tech Approved Seller
Enphase Platinum Installer
Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer 2024

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*Exact specifications of Heartbeat in Australia may vary