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Enphase IQ Battery: The New Way To Power Your Home

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Take the next step in your solar journey and enjoy greater energy independence. Shield yourself from electricity price hikes, further slash your power bill, and have the brightest house on the street during a blackout.

The IQ Battery 5P works seamlessly with your existing system and the Enphase App to let you determine the perfect time to use your stored solar power for maximum savings.

Enphase Battery
Unmatched Reliability

More Power Per kWh Than Batteries Twice Its Size

Start and run power-hungry appliances like heaters, aircons, pool pumps, and more – even during a grid outage. The third-gen IQ Battery 5P is the most powerful battery from Enphase yet. As an example, with two 5P batteries you get 15.36kW of peak power and 7.68kW of continuous power!

With an industry-leading 15-year limited warranty, you can feel confident knowing you’ll be saving money and contributing to a clean energy future for many years to come. Plus, an IP55 outdoor rating means you can trust the IQ Battery 5P to deliver power even in extreme weather.

High Performance

A Quiet Achiever With The Perfect Size

The IQ Battery 5P is modular by design, so you can start small, go big, or add more batteries as your energy needs grow over time.

Moreover, many batteries in the market rely on mechanical cooling, often resulting in noise. The Enphase IQ Battery 5P, however, stands out thanks to passive cooling and the absence of moving parts. This ensures enhanced reliability and quiet operation.

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Next-gen Technology

Safe and Smart Solar Storage

Enphase batteries use cobalt-free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry. This advanced technology enables greater reliability and improved safety.

Plus, with the Enphase App, you can take full control over your energy. Turn power-hungry appliances on and off from to save your charge during an outage. You can also set your preferences to let the app automatically manage power for you, or make changes manually.

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