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The Price, Output & Savings from an 8kW Solar System In Sydney in 2024

The cost of solar power has plummeted, making it an ideal time to transition to clean energy. Government incentives are available, paving the way for significant savings for households in Sydney who are looking to cut down on their electricity bills.

8kW Solar Panel System

8kW Solar System Price in Sydney

Rising electricity prices are prompting many Australian households to consider larger solar systems. 8kW system is becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce energy bills.

Let's look at the key considerations for an 8kW system:

  • Cost: A good quality 8kW system starts at around $6,990 and can include premium panels and a standard installation.

  • Savings Potential: An 8kW system could save you up to $3,400 per year on your electricity bills. However, this depends on factors like your usage patterns and electricity rates.

  • Quality Matters: For larger systems, high-quality components are crucial for long-term performance and reliability. Less expensive options may use lower-quality panels with potentially less after-sales support.

  • Warranties and Service: Investing in a well-supported system can offer peace of mind. Look for systems with comprehensive warranties and technical support.

To achieve the highest potential savings, you'll ideally use a significant amount of power during daylight hours, particularly during peak summer months. In optimal conditions, an 8kW system could offer a return on investment within 5 years.

The pricing and potential savings mentioned above are just estimates. Individual results will vary based on factors like electricity usage, system size, and local regulations. You can ask our solar experts directly for an accurate quotation unique to your home.

The Price of an 8kW Solar System with Battery Storage in Sydney

If you're considering adding battery storage to an 8kW solar system, you're reducing your system's reliance on the grid. This is ideal for your household if your daily power usage falls between 30kWh and 40kWh. The size and capacity of your battery will determine how much solar energy you can store and use during off-peak hours or power outages.

Expect to pay around $21,500 for an 8kW solar system with Tesla Powerwall and $24,000 for an 8kW Smart Solar System from Enphase. These systems typically include high-quality solar panels (like Trina Solar) and a string inverter.

While larger systems qualify for more government rebates, the cost difference between an 8kW and 10kW system with battery storage is minimal.

The Output of an 8kW Solar System in Sydney

Solar power generation depends on different factors, such as location, system size, and weather conditions. Here's what you can expect from an 8kW solar system facing north in Sydney:

  • Estimated Daily Production: Clean Energy Council guidelines suggest an average daily output of around 32 kWh.

  • Seasonal Variations: Solar output naturally fluctuates throughout the year. You'll see higher production during summer months with longer daylight hours, and lower production in winter with shorter daylight hours.

  • Peak Power: An 8kW system typically reaches its peak output, around 6-7 kWh, during the middle of the day. However, this peak can vary depending on weather conditions like cloud cover.

Partial shading from clouds can affect a solar system's output throughout the day. Here's an example of how an 8kW system's output fluctuates with patchy shade:

8kW solar panel system daily output

You can exceed the 32kW output estimate of the Clean Energy Council. Drawing on our experience, using highly efficient brands can generate significantly more power than that estimate.

For instance, our Enphase systems deliver 10% more power than expected. An average 8kW system could generate over 40kWh on a sunny summer day. If that's more than your household needs, consider adding battery storage to utilise the extra energy in the evening.

8kW solar panel system output summary by month
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The Key Numbers of an 8kW Solar System in Sydney

8kW solar panel system key numbers and information table

* Repayment numbers can vary depending on a number of factors and are an estimate based on a 5-year term. 3-to-7 year terms are available.

The Savings from an 8kW Solar System in Sydney

How much you save with an 8kW solar system depends on when you use the power it generates.

graph showing return on investment in solar systems

Let's find out how:

  • Using solar power directly: You save the most (around 22-28 cents per kWh) by using the electricity your panels produce during the day.

  • Feeding excess power back to the grid: Your electricity provider might buy any extra power you generate at a feed-in tariff (around 5-12 cents per kWh). This rate varies depending on your location.

Considering both these factors, an 8kW system could save you $700 to $850 per quarter on your electricity bill

Want to learn more about how solar power cuts your costs? Check out this guide: How Solar Power Reduces Your Power Bill

8kW residential solar panel system installation

What To Get: An 8kW Microinverter Solar System

Unlike traditional systems, each solar panel with a microinverter works independently. Microinverter allows our expert design team to create custom arrays that capture more sunlight throughout the day.

For example, we can mix north-facing panels for overall generation with west-facing ones to target peak afternoon energy use. This design will be ideal if you're on time-of-use billing with high rates during those hours.

time of use billing

Summer heat can be a hidden drain on solar panels, especially for larger systems. When airflow is limited, panels in the middle of the array can get too hot, affecting its efficiency. That's why we recommend using microinverter technology.

That's why we recommend microinverter technology. Over 80% of our customers choose this because it keeps each panel operating independently, even if others are shaded or overheating.

Want to learn more? Check out this resource for the top 10 benefits of microinverters.

An 8kW Solar System on a House With Single Phase Power

Traditionally, single-phase homes were limited to 5kW solar systems. But thanks to Enphase technology, we can now install larger systems and manage how much extra energy goes back to the grid. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a bigger system, potentially saving more on your electricity bills.

Here are some options we can discuss based on your needs:

  • Maximise production within the 5kW limit: Install a slightly larger panel array (up to 6.6kW) paired with a 5kW inverter. This clever design helps you generate more solar power.

  • Go bigger with Enphase: Utilise Enphase technology to install a larger system, potentially up to 10kW. This option allows you to generate significantly more solar power especially if you use a lot of power during the day.

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