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The 1KOMMA5° Full-Black Solar Panel

The 1KOMMA5° Panel Sets New Standards.

Thanks to the latest TopCon technology, the high-performance panels from 1KOMMA5° achieve maximum efficiency with a minimal carbon footprint. With a 25-product and 30-year performance guarantee direct from Germany's 1KOMMA5° Technology GmbH, you can be sure that your investment in an environmentally friendly future is secure for the long term.

The panels are manufactured with polysilicon from Wacker Chemie in Bavaria and Saxony, and the quality is regularly tested by the Fraunhofer Institute in Freiburg.

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Wafer Produktion
Clean supply chain

Consistently Sustainable: The 1KOMMA5° Panels with Raw Materials From Germany

Emissions during the production of solar panels and components are one of the biggest challenges facing our industry. 70% of all panels are produced in China, often using fossil fuels.

At 1KOMMA5°, we want to change that and bring the value chain to Europe by investing in a clean and local supply chain. We are starting to extract the critical raw material polysilicon using renewable electricity in Germany.

Maximum yield

Yield Without Risk: High-tech Panel With Leading Guarantee

1KOMMA5° offers high quality solar panels with the latest technology and highest efficiency. We offer you a 25-year product and 30-year performance guarantee.

This means you benefit from our solar systems in the long term. With our all-black design, our panels blend in discreetly and stylishly on your roof.

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Highest Standards

Zero Tolerance: Maximum Quality Along The Entire Supply Chain

The highest social and quality standards are our top priority. Our manufacturing facilities are TÜV-certified and comply with the SA8000 ESG standard. This standard deals in particular with compliance with labour rights standards according to the UN Charter and international rules.

In addition, each individual panel is inspected by independent quality engineers and random samples are regularly tested by Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg im Breisgau. This is how we ensure that only perfect solar panels reach you and are integrated into your energy system.

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Current Specials

1KOMMA5° Solar & Battery Bundle Sale

Bundle your 1KOMMA5° solar system with a battery storage and enjoy huge savings. Hurry, available for a limited time only.

Why Choose 1KOMMA5°:


High-quality Products

1KOMMA5° works with the best products available to maximise output, reliability and longevity. We also provide customised solutions to suit your needs and budget.


Industry-leading Install Standards

All 1KOMMA5° installations are done by CEC accredited experts and come with full technical support and warranty service.


Reliable Customer Support

Our support team is local (no call centres) and we have been awarded by the world’s leading solar companies as the best installer in Australia, year after year.


Your next steps towards a climate-neutral life:

1KOMMA5° Australia offers a range of solutions to help you start a carbon -neutral lifestyle. From solar systems and battery storage to electric vehicle charges and soon, energy management solution, we've got your covered.

Step 1

Request a quote online.

After you send your request, one of our expert team members will give you a call.

Step 2

We give you personalised advice and recommendations.

Our energy advisors will create a tailored solution based on your needs. We will explain everything and answer your questions on solar rebates, solar installation costs and process, energy management and more.

Step 3

We install your solar power system.

Once you've signed off on your quote and made a deposit, we will arrange an installation date that works with your schedule.

What happens after?

We stay as your energy partner.

Whether you have questions about energy, warranty issues or service or you're looking to expand to other energy efficient solutions, you can reach out to us any time.

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Customer Stories

"The savings are immense."

Craig, 1KOMMA5° Customer

Customer Testimonial Robert

Join the 1KOMMA5° movement

Take the lead in climate protection - hear from our customers on how they are making a difference.

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Energy Solutions

Our Solutions for an Energy Efficient Home

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Power Storage

Use Your Own Electricity even at Night.

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EV Charger

Utilise Solar Energy for Your Electric Car.

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Smart Energy Manager

Optimise Your Grid Power Consumption.

FAQ Solar Panels

Do you have any questions about our Full Black solar module?

If you have any questions or would like a personal meeting, please contact us using our contact form.

What materials does a solar panel consist of?

A photovoltaic module consists of solar cells that are usually connected in rows and convert sunlight into electricity. Behind the solar cells is a plastic film or glass to protect the module from moisture and dust. On the top of the module, a resilient glass pane ensures that the module can withstand wind, rain and snow for decades. A stable frame made of aluminium encloses the entire module.

The most important component of the module is the cell. Without it, no electricity is generated, and its quality and structure are decisive for the yield. The cell consists of a so-called wafer - a wafer-thin disc cut from crystalline polysilicon (ingots). The polysilicon, in turn, consists of high-purity silicon, which is extracted in an energy-intensive process, usually from quartz sand.

Where is the 1KOMMA5° solar module produced?

At the moment, we still produce in Asia. We rely on the highest quality and social standards. Our production sites are certified by TÜV Nord according to the ESG standard SA8000. Production is carried out using automated production processes and high-quality materials and meets the Tier 1 criteria of Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

In addition, we already invest in a clean and local supply chain and source the critical raw material polysilicon from Germany. By 2025, we want to establish our own production line with a capacity of 5 GW per year in Germany or another European country.

How is the supply chain for the 1KOMMA5° solar module designed ethically and sustainably?

The supply chain for the 1KOMMA5° solar panel is designed ethically and sustainably, with 1KOMMA5° signing a multi-year supply contract with Wacker to secure high-quality and clean polysilicon. High social and quality standards are also maintained during further processing, and the module production sites are certified by TÜV Nord in accordance with the SA8000 ESG standard. This standard deals in particular with compliance with labour rights standards according to the UN Charter and international rules.

Can 1KOMMA5° solar modules be used on any type of building?

Yes, 1KOMMA5° solar modules can be used on any type of building. They achieve an output of 425 watts and are thus versatile. However, installation depends on various factors, such as the size of the roof and the positioning of the module in relation to the sun.

What power does the 1KOMMA5° solar module produce?

The 1KOMMA5° solar module has a module output of 425 watts and can therefore be used flexibly. This allows our customers to choose the module output that best suits their needs.

What does kW mean?

The power of PV modules is expressed in kilowatts (kW) and depends on various factors, such as size, efficiency, solar radiation and temperature. The power indicates how much electrical energy the module can produce, with higher power resulting in greater energy yield.

Why is the 1KOMMA5° solar panel black?

The 1KOMMA5° solar panel is black because it blends in better with its surroundings, especially the architecture of your home. In addition, the black colour of the panel can lead to a higher absorption of sunlight, resulting in higher energy production. The black colour is achieved by using dark materials such as monocrystalline silicon and black backsheet films.

How much electricity does a 425 Watt solar module produce?

A 425 watt solar panel can produce about 550 to 650 kWh of electricity per year in ideal conditions. However, the actual electricity production depends on various factors, such as location, orientation, solar radiation and temperature.

What is the difference between a solar module and a solar panel?

A solar module and a solar panel are often used interchangeably, but refer to different components of a solar system.

A solar module usually consists of several solar cells that are connected together and generate electrical energy.

A solar panel, on the other hand, is the entire system consisting of several solar modules and the associated electronics that feed the generated energy into the electricity grid or store it for use in a building or facility.

In short, a solar module is a unit of solar cells, while a solar panel is a group of solar modules that work as a system.

What distinguishes the 1KOMMA5° solar module from other solar modules on the market?

The 1KOMMA5° module is one of the most climate-friendly solar modules on the market. This is because we invest in a clean and local supply chain and start at the most critical part of the value chain: with the raw materials, or more precisely with the polysilicon. 1KOMMA5° relies on high-quality polysilicon from Germany and thus achieves a much lower CO2 footprint.

1KOMMA5° also offers a leading guarantee of 25 year product and 30 year performance warranty to safeguard the yield and profitability of our customers' systems. Overall, 1KOMMA5° modules stand for zero tolerance and maximum quality, because we rely on the highest social and quality standards throughout the entire supply chain.

Where do the raw materials for the 1KOMMA5° solar panel come from?

The 1KOMMA5° solar panel is made of various materials, but the most important raw material is polysilicon. This is produced by the German company Wacker Chemie at its sites in Burghausen and Nünchritz. With Wacker's supply contract, 1KOMMA5° can secure access to high-quality, clean and ethical polysilicon. The majority of the raw materials required come from Asia.

Does 1KOMMA5° offer a guarantee for the solar modules?

Yes, 1KOMMA5° offers a guarantee for its solar modules. With a 25-year product and 30-year performance guarantee, we offer one of the leading guarantees on the market and, as a German company, ensure the yield and profitability of our customers' systems. In the event of damage, our customers can turn to our local master company for support.

What difference does the production of polysilicon according to high environmental standards make?

The way polysilicon is manufactured has a high impact on the CO2 footprint of solar modules. 1KOMMA5° sources this raw material from Wacker Chemie. The company relies on renewable energies and the elimination of polluting chemicals in the production of polysilicon.

Particularly important here is the Siemens process, which produces high-purity polysilicon from silicon metal. Although this requires enormous amounts of energy, Wacker uses mostly renewable energies and thus achieves a carbon footprint around 50% lower than Chinese polysilicon, which is often produced using coal power.

What is the efficiency of the 1KOMMA5° solar module?

The efficiency of solar modules indicates how much of the incident solar energy can be converted into electrical energy. Thanks to Top-Con technology, the 1KOMMA5° solar module achieves a module efficiency of up to 21.8%.

What is the difference between black and blue solar modules?

Black solar panels have some advantages over blue solar panels. Although they are more expensive, they are more aesthetically pleasing and blend in better with the look of buildings. In addition, they can absorb sunlight better due to their colour coating. In contrast, blue solar panels are less expensive, but their efficiency is usually slightly lower than that of black solar panels.

How can I improve the efficiency of my solar module?

There are several ways to improve the efficiency of your solar panels:

  • Positioning: Make sure your solar panel is oriented so that it constantly receives direct sunlight for optimal exposure.

  • Cleanliness: Make sure the module is clean and free of dirt, dust and leaves. Ideally, the solar module should be cleaned every six months for maximum performance.

  • Shading: Make sure that your solar module is not exposed to shading (from trees, buildings, etc.).

  • Energy management system: Heartbeat optimises the self-consumption of solar power and ensures that it is used optimally to improve energy efficiency and reduce business costs.

  • Upgrade to 1KOMMA5° solar module: Upgrading to higher quality solar modules or those with a higher efficiency class can also help to increase the efficiency of your solar module.

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