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Riding on Wind and Sunlight: 1KOMMA5°'s Sustainable Vision

Join us as we explore the latest innovations from 1KOMMA5°, including the launch of our new Operating System tool and operating system, and our exciting partnership with Porsche through Heartbeat, all aimed at delivering the best total cost of ownership to homeowners.
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About the #NewSolar Event

Our #NewSolar Event took place on April 20th in Hamburg. The 1KOMMA5° showroom, centrally located in Hamburg at Ballindamm 11, opened its door to a selected list of invited guests. The file grew longer and soon the spacious foyer was packed  with over 200 guests from politicians, press, experts as well as the extended 1KOMMA5° family in attendance and an additional 2000 viewers joining online. The event featured informative presentations by the company's leadership team. 

Philip Liesenfeld, Co-Founder and COO, presented in a live run-through how the 1KOMMA5° Operating System can transform roofers, electricians and craftsmen into efficient and technology enabled climate heroes. Our vision is to decarbonize every suitable house, and we understand that achieving this goal requires a combination of skilled workers and efficiency improvements. As 1KOMMA5°, we are proud to be leading the way of “Handwerk 2.0” in the craft sector with our skilled workers and processes that are already 50% more efficient. 

Sascha Koppe, CRO, showcased scaling customization of our offerings for customers. Each roof and each house is individual and 1KOMMA5° has developed the digital tools to create customized solutions instead of “one size fits all” offerings, a key differentiation for customers.

Jannik Schall, Co-Founder and CPO, presented the newest update about the first production run of the #NewSolar panel with polysilicon from Germany. Further on he sets the focus on Heartbeat, the centerpiece of #NewSolar, our self-learning Energy IOT that connects all devices with each other and with the energy market into one powerful virtual and decentral power plant.

Barbara Wittenberg, CTO, then took the stage to reveal the next level of Heartbeat: adding backend integration of electric vehicles. The event concluded with big news! Welcoming Porsche as the first platform partner will enable both companies` customers to ride on wind and sunlight forever for free. The presentations highlighted the company's innovative ideas and technologies in the renewable energy industry. 

Lastly, Patrick Huke, Head of Porsche Ventures Europe & Israel, spoke excitedly about the joint future with 1KOMMA5° and its product Heartbeat. 

An evening filled with excitement, innovation and emotions. When the setting sun flooded the showroom the vision to ride on wind and sunlight forever for free -  became tangible. The evening ended in a lively exchange with the experts and guests.  

1KOMMA5° mit Porsche Team

We believe in Free Energy for All

At 1KOMMA5°, we are aiming to decarbonize all buildings. In order to do this in the best possible way we believe that heat pumps, electric charging and air conditioning should generally be enabled to follow the seasonality of sun and wind as the cheapest and cleanest form of energy. Especially as  sun and wind, are a primary energy source that are generally free! If you compare sunlight  and wind to coal, oil, gas – they don’t have to be transported, they don’t have to be refined, they don’t have to be mined, and you also don’t have to go to war for them. They are delivered right to where we are. The primary energy is available, and it is for free. All we have to do is connect the primary energy to mobility, heat, and electricity.

Thus consumption needs to follow the production. With Heartbeat we allow our customers to do exactly that. While we decarbonize buildings - and enable them to become smart assets of a new, clean energy world- we also promised to clean up our supply chains. Thus we started with the solar panel and its raw materials. We announced the creation of a solar panel made with polysilicon from Germany. Polysilicon is the most critical part of the supply chain. Last week we completed the first production run! By using German polysilicon from Wacker, we can save over 50% of CO2-emissions.  We are talking about savings of 500.000t of CO2 over the years to come.

#NewSolar Event Heartbeat x Porsche

Livestream: 1KOMMA5° presents #NewSolar - Living on wind and sunlight forever for free.

1KOMMA5° Launches New Operating System for Enhanced Customer Experience

During our recent #NewSolar event, we announced the launch of a new Operating System tool and a partnership between the Smart Energy Manager Heartbeat and the Porsche Taycan. The 1KOMMA5° Operating System is a software that we have been developing over the last year. It consists of three main modules: Project Management, Warehouse & Logistics, and an App for the installation teams. We plan to include Artificial Intelligence to detect if the installation has been properly done. The 1KOMMA5° Operating System will become even more powerful and will further improve the customer experience.

The new Operating System tool will help us to get the best installation companies globally on board. Not only in Germany but also worldwide. They are true technical experts, as they combine the expertise to perform the installations in the best quality with a strong regional reputation and network. What 1KOMMA5° brings to the table is strong processes, digitalization, and customer focus. Customer focus is crucial when it comes to quality and delivering transparency along the entire value chain.

1KOMMA5° and Porsche: Riding on Wind and Sunlight Forever for Free with Heartbeat

Together with Porsche AG, we have initiated a groundbreaking innovation project that integrates the state of charge (SOC) and arrival data of the all-electric Porsche Taycan. This integration harmonizes heat pumps, solar batteries, solar production, and charging optimization via Heartbeat against the day-ahead and intraday markets.

We now connect to devices that are on the move. Next to heatpumps, solar systems, solar batteries and charge points the car battery is the most relevant asset of the furture energy market, helping us to integrate volatile, renewable energy, create value for our customers while building a powerful flexible and decentralized virtual power plant.
Barbara Wittenberg

We believe that in the future, connected systems will be a basic necessity. There will not be any more ‘stupid’ solar with individual components operating in silos. There are only going to be connected systems that are upgradable where you can push software updates to improve them and evolve as the energy market evolves and new business models emerge.


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