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Tesla Powerwall is Now Compatible with Any Solar Inverter (But There’s a Catch)

Tesla Powerwall Blackout Protection

Will The Tesla Powerwall Work In A Blackout?

Tesla Powerwall 2 is compatible with all existing solar inverters. But there’s a catch.

Tesla Powerwall only continues to work in a blackout with a handful of inverters (around 5 of the better manufacturers such as Enphase and SMA), in what is known as island mode.

If you have single-phase power and you don’t have one of around 5 solar inverters that communicate directly with the Powerwall, there is a good chance your battery will discharge but then sit in idle during a blackout. In other words, it will not recharge from your solar system if there is a blackout and your whole system will be off until the grid comes back online. This obviously isn’t ideal given the increasing amount of blackouts we are experiencing across Australia.

If you have 3 phase power and a 3 phase solar inverter, the best option is to have an Enphase solar system. The Enphase system can remain on in a blackout with just the one Powerwall, and it will power 1 of the 3 phases in your home. When you place an order for your Powerwall battery, we will help you select the things in your home you want to keep on during a blackout and put these on the backup phase of your home. Typically this would include the fridge, freezer, some lights, the modem and a few power points. We don’t want to backup anything that uses too much power during a blackout such as air conditioners or pool pumps, so it takes a little bit of customisation to find the right solution for each of our customers.

Power Bill Reduction

If you have 3 phase power but don’t have an Enphase solar system, please contact us for more information. It can be possible in some cases to have 1 Powerwall connected to a 3 phase inverter, but in most cases, you will need 3 batteries for the system to work properly.

If you haven’t installed your solar system yet then an Enphase system is the best option in terms of compatibility with a Tesla Powerwall. If you already have solar, please contact us for personalised information on 1800 640 919 or request a callback here.

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Tesla Powerwall

With a capacity of 13.5kWh, many 1KOMMA5° Sydney and Melbourne households are now able to power their home almost entirely on solar power, with the added optional benefit of backup functionality if the power grid goes down.

Available for immediate installation, Powerwall has completely revolutionised the way Australian households use, store and manage their power.  Powerwall is a home battery that stores excess solar electricity to be used in the evening. It can also draw power from the grid when power prices are low. Compact, stackable and with a built-in inverter, Powerwall enables solar households to further reduce their power bill and maximise self-consumption of solar power.

Enphase Components

The solar & storage experts here at 1KOMMA5° can help you design the right solar storage system for your home. Please contact us today for more information and personalised pricing.

1KOMMA5° Sydney and Mebourne are offering Tesla Powerwall 2 as a retrofit for existing solar systems as well as complete solar + storage packages. With a groundbreaking capacity of 13.5 kWh, Powerwall 2 will enable new & existing customers to further reduce their power bills and maximise self-consumption of solar power.

Powerwall Specifications

Tesla Powerwall Mounted on the Wall
Tesla Powerwall Mounted on the Wall

Reduce your power bills with solar battery storage from Tesla

1KOMMA5°is leading Australia’s solar battery storage revolution in partnership with Tesla.

Order your Powerwall home battery today with just a 10% deposit and run your home on solar power during the evening.

  • Compatible with all existing solar systems

  • Manufactured to the highest safety standards from the global leader in residential battery storage

  • Includes Online Configuration, System Monitoring and Tech Support provided by 1KOMMA5° Support Team

  • Finance is available

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