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SolarEdge vs A Standard Solar System – What’s The Price Difference?

Tom Sedgwick
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The Difference In Price Between A SolarEdge System & A System With A Standard Solar Inverter

SolarEdge is the next step up from a standard solar system. It’s what we call smart solar.

In true 1KOMMA5°, let’s lay it all out to help you get some firm price points for the various solar system sizes with the SolarEdge price vs a standard string inverter price:

Like with most industries, when it comes to solar power there is a huge range in quality, features and then of course price, even for the same-sized system. It’s a bit like a TV, in that a 55-inch screen can be super cheap, or really expensive, depending on which TV you choose.

The 4 main price points for solar power are:

  1. Cheap Solar

  2. A standard string inverter (older technology)

  3. SolarEdge

  4. Enphase

Standard String Inverter Price vs SolarEdge Price

By standard, we are talking about a string inverter from a reputable manufacturer. We also install Sungrow inverters, which is what many consider to be the best of the Chinese.

These brands have been producing good quality inverters for the Australian market and despite the limitations of a string inverter from a technical standpoint, the product itself gets the job done and costs less to install.

Because a SolarEdge system requires 1 DC optimiser per panel, it is fair to say that the larger the system, the larger the premium required to go with a SolarEdge system. But DC optimisers aren’t as expensive as a microinverter, so the price difference isn’t all that large considering the benefits of the system.

Here are 3 ballpark figures to help you compare a SolarEdge system to a standard system:

3 Ballpark Figures of SolarEdge System

It is important to keep in mind that the larger the system, the bigger the potential savings on your power bills, so although it costs more for a SolarEdge system, most of our customers still choose a Smart Solar System – their SolarEdge or Enphase.

For example, if a 10kW system can save you up to about $4000 a year on your power bills, then the premium for a SolarEdge system will pay for itself in only 6 months. This makes it a great option considering the benefits that come with a Smart Solar System, including:

  • Panel level optimisation. This helps increase performance, especially if the system gets patchy shade

  • 12-year inverter warranty & 25-year warranty on the DC Optimisers

  • Rapid shutdown (safer solar)

  • 99% efficiency (industry leading)

  • Export limitation, allowing for larger systems on a single phase home

Nearly all of our customers choose either Enphase or SolarEdge systems due to the list of benefits over a standard string inverter. For more information, check out our article here on the 10 Main Benefits of Smart Solar.

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