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The Price of Solar Batteries In Sydney

Solar storage has taken off over the last 2 years, to the point where we are now installing nearly all of our systems with either integrated battery storage or as a battery ready solar system. With battery prices expected to rise again this summer, now is a great time to be getting storage. The price of solar batteries in Sydney depends mainly on how much capacity you want and what features you need. Read on to learn more about the variables and costs.
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The Price of Solar Battery Storage In Sydney: The Cost Of Installing Solar Battery Storage

Solar storage has taken off over the last 2 years, to the point where we are now installing nearly all of our systems with either integrated battery storage or as a battery ready solar system.

The price of solar battery storage in Sydney depends mainly on how much capacity you want as well as any additional features such as backup for when the grid is down.

There are lots of options out there in Australia for battery storage, so it can be hard to determine which product is right for you.

For most people, what they really want to know is the ballpark price, before they even get into the conversation around features, benefits and potential savings.

So let’s take a quick look at the price range for a few of the batteries on the market today:

Solar Battery Table

Households with lower energy usage and a solar system smaller than 5kW are often well suited to Enphase batteries.

Smaller battery systems are designed to store power during the day to use in the evening, and typically don’t include backup functionality.

For households with at least a 5kW solar system, Powerwall from Tesla will be a better fit. Though already available for as much as $19,000, and with prices expected to increase again this summer, the cost of installing a Tesla Powerwall as an addition to your solar panels is currently $14,500 to $15,000 fully installed with 1KOMMA5°, or around $175 a fortnight over 5 years.

Remember, solar battery storage captures excess solar power so you should be generating at least 8-13 kWh of excess solar power a day to charge a larger solar battery. Larger solar batteries are ideal for maximising self-sufficiency, reducing your household’s reliance on coal & gas, protecting your home when the grid goes down and aiming to run your home on solar power 24/7.

Living Without Power Bills

1KOMMA5° customer Angela has been living easy now that powering her home is entirely free.

For the last year, Angela’s home has been 96% powered by solar panels and a 1KOMMA5° installed Tesla Powerwall home battery.

Powering the home in 2018 used to cost Angela $2400, but in the months after combining her solar panels with a new Tesla Powerwall home battery, Angela’s power bill has dropped to below $0. This means her power retailer is, in fact, giving her a credit every quarter for the energy she’s contributed back to the grid.

“My power bill used to be $600 per quarter, the last bill I got was a credit of $40. I’m sure the next bill will be even better since it’s summer.”

Angela’s story isn’t unique either. We are getting a lot of feedback from our customers that they are now living with very small power bills, or who are even in credit.

Battery Storage For Your Solar System

Deciding to buy Tesla Powerwall from 1KOMMA5° is a vote for a clean future. You are directly helping to grow Australia’s renewable energy industry in a country that is still dominated by coal and gas. As one of Australia’s leading independent solar installers, by choosing 1KOMMA5°, you are also helping to support Australian business as we take up the fight to develop our renewable energy industry.

The 1KOMMA5° team will give you the information you need to make an informed decision and ensure that solar storage will be the right fit for your home. When you decide to proceed with an installation, we only use accredited CEC installers and we pride ourselves on our industry-leading installation standards and our comprehensive support package that includes free support and a full-replacement warranty service at no cost to our customers.

Order your Powerwall 2 home battery today and run your home on solar power during the evening. 

  • Compatible with all existing solar systems

  • Manufactured to the highest safety standards from the global leader in residential battery storage

  • Includes Online Configuration, System Monitoring and Tech Support provided by the 1KOMMA5° Online Support Team

  • Finance is available

Customer Power Bill Before vs After Solar

The Key Numbers For Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage:

Batteries Comparison - Enphase vs Tesla

* Repayment numbers are an estimate based on a 5-year term. 3-7 year terms available.

As power prices continue to skyrocket, many Australian households are expecting seriously big power bills this year.

We can help you size up a solar power system that maximises your savings using good quality brands at Australia’s best prices. We even have a way to replace your power bill completely if you are interested.

How would it feel to say goodbye to your power bills this year?

We now have customers like Peter running their home on solar power 24/7, and paying quarterly power bills well under $100 a quarter:

“I am pleased to be able to say that the system has worked flawlessly since commissioning and has exceeded my expectations.

Our last monthly bill was $10.53 – the same bill in previous years was $198.79 and $163.67″

Tesla Battery Installation

How Solar Storage Reduces Your Power Bills

The price of lithium batteries continues to fall, making backup storage an affordable option for many households in Australia.

The feed-in tariff for selling excess solar power back to the grid is very low in many states of Australia. In Australia, we typically get a credit on our power bill of between around 10 and 12 cents a kWh. By storing this excess solar power in batteries, we can use it during the peak billing period where prices can be over 50 cents a kWh. This is known as maximising self-consumption of solar power and is a great way to reduce your power bill. Many 1KOMMA5° customers are now running their home almost entirely on solar power!

Energy prices continue to rise. Even if you get a discount from your energy retailer, power prices in Australia are amounts the highest in the developed world, in some cases more than double the price for energy compared to nations such as Sweden and Finland. Nationally, prices are up more than 120% over the last 10 years, and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. By installing solar with battery storage you can lock in your power prices for the next 25 years by generating most of your own power using solar (Rolfe 2016).

Australia is still mainly powered by coal. Australian households are leading the world with our uptake of residential solar power with 1.5 million systems installed, however the same cannot be said for government and big business. Most of the power generated in Australia still comes from coal, and there is reluctance in Canberra to transition to renewables. The biggest vote we have as consumers is to lead the way, installing solar power with backup storage to run our homes almost entirely on solar power. By installing a 5kW system, we take around $50,000 off the books of the coal industry and directly invest in the growing renewables industry.

Solar storage systems include revolutionary energy management technology that automatically directs solar power into your home or to recharge your batteries. Online consumption monitoring allows you to monitor how much power you are using in the home as well as how much solar power your system is generating.

Exciting home automation is on the way, which will allow you to send excess solar power into appliances such as to automatically turn on the pool pumps, air conditioner or underfloor heating. All of this will be able to be controlled from a mobile phone, allowing you to take back control of your power consumption.

EV charging is around the corner. Installing a solar power system will allow you to charge your electric car from excess solar power, and it may even allow you to charge your home batteries from excess capacity in the car’s battery.

The power grid is struggling to generate enough capacity on hot days, causing highly-publicised and disruptive blackouts in SA and around Australia. By installing solar storage, you can continue to run essential appliances such as your freezer, the internet and perhaps a few lights.

Are you thinking about going solar and adding battery storage? There's a lot to consider! Our complete guide provides a deep dive into everything you need to know about solar batteries in Australia. This guide explores different battery types, capacities, functionalities, and costs from various leading brands. It even covers helpful tips on choosing the right battery system for your energy consumption and budget.

Call us today at 1300 525 451 or fill in your details below to request for a home battery storage quote today to see how much you can save!


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