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How Much Does Solar Power Cost? Here’s What Solar Panels Cost To Install In Melbourne

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How Much Should A Melbourne Solar Panels Quote Be?

Trying to work out how much to pay for a solar power system in Melbourne with good-quality solar panels can be a minefield. Many Melbourne solar panels installers advertise the price of a solar system assuming that you will claim the Solar Victoria loan.

Furthermore, we see a lot of installers offer interest-free finance from 3rd party finance companies and then exclude that from the purchase price. Although there is nothing wrong with interest-free finance in theory, it can get confusing because there is also an interest-free loan from Solar Victoria.

This means that although the ‘out-of-pocket expense’ may be very low, you still need to pay back the loan.

This is a example from an installer in Melbourne of how the out-of-pocket expense is actually very different to the price of the system:

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Cheap Solar In Melbourne

Many solar system quotes you see advertised online are too cheap. They install extremely cheap solar panels and inverters, and the quote often doesn’t include full warranty support. Conversely, other quotes can be overpriced by thousands of dollars, simply because people don’t know what they should be paying.

Unfortunately, many solar installers believe that confusion = profit, and so finding the right price for a good quality solar system can be tricky.

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The Right Price – Solar Power System Prices in Melbourne

We approach things a little differently here at 1KOMMA5° Melbourne to help you cut through the confusion. We believe you should have all the information you need to make an informed decision, including pricing.

For a top-quality solar panel installation, the average 10kW solar price in Melbourne is around $11,250-$15,490, fully installed. This price includes the STC rebate, but not the Solar Victoria loan as not everyone qualifies for it.

This 10kW system will output around 32kWh a day on average (doing more in summer and less in winter) and can save you well over $3,000 every year on your power bills.

And so here it is, solar power system prices for Melbourne after the Federal Government STC Incentive (rebate):

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How Much Should You Pay For A Melbourne Solar Panels Installation?

The first step in working out how much to pay for your new solar system is to understand how much power a system generates. That allows you to work out how many panels would be suitable for your home. You can request a callback here and our team will be happy to recommend a system for you.

From there, we can help you with pricing for a number of different systems based on if you want to minimise the return on investment & concentrate on value for money, or you could spend a bit more to maximise quality, longevity and performance.

A top-of-the-range system will feature a 25-year solar panel warranty and higher performance in all weather conditions. Over time, the system will generate a lot more solar power. Therefore it is the better option if you are planning to be in your house for a longer period of time. An example of this would be to look at 1KOMMA5° panels with Enphase Microinverters.

The Benefit of a Solar Power System in Melbourne

A 10kW system in Melbourne facing north with no shade will output approximately 32 kWh a day. That is an average across the year.

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If you pay a flat rate for your power, the average cost of electricity in Melbourne is approximately 30 cents a kWh (including GST).

Assuming you are on a flat rate for your power, a 10kW solar system could save you over $3000 every year. Critically, as mentioned above, the benefit of solar is to use solar power in the home as it generates.

Because Solar Prices in Melbourne dropped over the last few years, the average-sized home solar power system is now around 10kW.

Don’t Get Stung By A Cheap Solar Quote In Melbourne

If you were to get 3 solar power quotes from reputable solar installers in Melbourne, you’ll find that the prices are all within a few hundred dollars of each other. Yes, there can be slight differences. However, for the most part, the quotes will be around the same price. Put simply, you won’t find a $12,000 system ‘on sale’ for $8,000.

Our Aim Is To Help You Minimise Your Power Bills

Our primary aim is no longer to maximise your ROI on a small solar system. This made sense 5 years ago when solar was so expensive. However, as solar is cheap and battery storage is available, most customers install a system that minimises their power bill.

This is totally different to worrying about ROI. And it will mean you can save much more money over the life of the system.

Furthermore, good-quality solar panels are now so cheap that it no longer makes sense to consider the bottom end of the market. You can have the best solar panels from the world’s leading manufacturers. Additionally you can have online monitoring, a professional installation, and full technical support.

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The future of solar power technology is here! Nearly all 1KOMMA5° Melbourne customers now choose smart solar systems featuring:

  • panel-level output,

  • online monitoring,

  • back-to-base status alerts,

  • and more!

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