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New High-End All-Black Solar Panel by 1KOMMA5° Anticipated in Australia by October

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SYDNEY, Australia 1 June 2023 Australia may witness the introduction of a cutting-edge solar panel by October, as 1komma5°, a solar energy group based in Germany, initiates deliveries of its German-manufactured 415W solar modules in Europe. This development follows 1komma5°'s strategic move last year to establish a comprehensive solar energy presence in Australia, and this year, the group unveiled plans to produce its panel components in Europe. The decision was driven by considerations related to supply chain reliability, sustainability, and ethical sourcing.

This week, Philipp Schröder, the global CEO of 1komma5°, announced on LinkedIn that shipments of the high-performance 415W modules have commenced, starting in Europe and extending to Australia. The company, having acquired a controlling stake in the New South Wales-based PV and battery outfit Natural Solar late last year, is poised to introduce the advanced solar technology to the Australian market.

According to Schröder, the panels incorporate the latest high-end TOPCon technology and come with a remarkable 25-year warranty. The modules are designed by the company's exceptional team, utilizing clean polysilicon sourced from Wacker, a German producer. Schröder emphasized that these panels are tailor-made for both the European and Australian markets.

Chris Williams, the founding CEO of Natural Solar and the head of 1komma5° in Australia, anticipates the arrival of the aesthetically pleasing full-black rooftop modules in the final quarter of the calendar year. Williams noted that these modules, positioned at the higher end of the pricing spectrum in Australia, owe their premium status to their origin and manufacturing process.

Williams explained, "By producing the polysilicon in Germany, that's a significant point of difference that we believe our customers are seeking." He highlighted a growing trend in the market toward panels with a higher threshold for ethical considerations, particularly regarding concerns related to modern slavery. Williams believes that this shift is not limited to the business sector but is also extending rapidly into the residential market.

The solar industry's reliance on China, which dominates 80% of the global market, is raising concerns about logistical, environmental, and ethical sustainability. To address these issues, Williams emphasized the group's global influence on supply chains, asserting that manufacturing polysilicon in Germany mitigates supply chain risks associated with unethical practices.

About 1KOMMA5°

1KOMMA5° mission to decarbonise the planet has so far acquired 25 companies across Europe and Australia and operates over 40 locations, with $100m being spent in 2023 in Australia alone to achieve its goals. The company’s first acquisition in APAC was Natural Solar, Australia’s largest installer of solar batteries and the installer of the world’s first Tesla Powerwall.