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German Cleantech Powerhouse, 1KOMMA5°, Secures $100 Million Stake in Australia's Green Energy Market

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SYDNEY, Australia 10 October 2023 1KOMMA5°, a clean-tech startup from Europe, has successfully acquired a substantial investment in Natural Solar, the largest provider of home solar and solar battery solutions in Australia. While primarily operating in Germany and Sweden, the German startup plans to extend its footprint in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Over the next 18 months, 1KOMMA5° is set to infuse an additional $100 million into acquiring majority shares in top-tier green energy companies throughout Australia and the broader APAC region. Chris Williams, CEO of 1KOMMA5°'s Asia Pacific division and founder of Natural Solar, notes that the burgeoning consumer demand and the evolution of various home technologies underscore the growing necessity for a comprehensive solution for all electric needs within homes.

The substantial investment will empower Natural Solar to aggressively expand its growth across markets and product categories. This expansion will be supported by the wealth of operational and industry expertise provided by seasoned professionals such as Philipp Schröder and Christoph Ostermann (CEO & Founder of Sonnen). Mr. Williams emphasizes the significance of leveraging the international buying power and economies of scale within the global group.

Philipp Schröder, former managing director of global solar battery producer Sonnen, current worldwide CEO of 1KOMMA5°, and former country director for Tesla in Germany and Austria, expressed enthusiasm for the company's entry into Australia, citing it as a strategic move into "the third largest solar and battery market globally."

The Heartbeat, a cutting-edge home energy management system connecting batteries, heat pumps, air conditioners, electric vehicle chargers, and smart meters, will be the cornerstone technology for 1KOMMA5°. The first 1,000 Australian clients adopting solar and solar battery solutions will receive the Heartbeat system for free, with each subsequent unit priced at $1350. Heartbeat is slated to debut in early 2023, and orders for the innovative devices will be accepted starting in October.

Looking ahead to 2030, 1KOMMA5° aims to achieve annual revenues of EUR 15 billion. Currently employing approximately 750 individuals and operating in 25 locations across Sweden, Germany, Finland, Austria, and Spain, the company has already acquired 15 companies in the past year, with Australia now joining this distinguished group. Anticipated revenues for 2023 are expected to reach 600 million euros. The company has already constructed over 42,000 energy assets, collectively boasting a decentralized load capacity equivalent to a nuclear power plant.

A pivotal aspect of 1KOMMA5°'s strategic vision involves the establishment of stores, evolving into comprehensive hubs for CO2-neutral living in both residential and commercial structures. These stores, present in Hamburg, Stockholm, Munich, Berlin, and now Sydney, will offer a diverse range of technologies, including photovoltaics, batteries, electric charging, and heat pumps, aiming to decarbonize power, heat, and mobility.

About 1KOMMA5°

1KOMMA5° mission to decarbonise the planet has so far acquired 25 companies across Europe and Australia and operates over 40 locations, with $100m being spent in 2023 in Australia alone to achieve its goals. The company’s first acquisition in APAC was Natural Solar, Australia’s largest installer of solar batteries and the installer of the world’s first Tesla Powerwall.