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Global Giant 1KOMMA5° makes second acquisition in $100M buy up of Australia´s best clean-teach companies

1KOMMA5° on track to become Australia’s largest provider of home renewable technologies as well as opening Apple-like stores offering one-stop-shop for home decarbonisation with ‘Heartbeat’ technology central to driving down electricity bills
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SYDNEY, Australia, 23 January 2023 Decarbonisation company 1KOMMA5 today announced its second major acquisition in its $100m buying spree of Australia’s best clean tech companies with a majority stake purchase of the country’s largest installer of Enphase microinverters, Solaray Energy. 1KOMMA5 operates a network of Apple-style decarbonisation stores already in Europe where it has become a one-stop-shop for solar, batteries, EV chargers, heat pumps, energy managers and virtual power plants. Central to the store’s DNA is 1KOMMA5’s Heartbeat technology, which takes control of all major appliances in the home by optimising solar batteries. This device has already proven to reduce electricity prices by up to 100% in Europe.

1KOMMA5, a clean-tech start-up that was established in 2021, is a conglomerate of Europe’s leading cleantech heavyweights with experience running companies such as Tesla, Google, sonnen batteries, Porsche, and Klarna. The Solaray Energy deal expands 1KOMMA5’s global agreement already in place with Enphase and its world beating hardware technology that makes solar inverter’s 10% more efficient compared to competitors. This global agreement will allow 1KOMMA5 and its group companies including Natural Solar and Solaray to deliver better prices to Australian households. Enphase micro inverters integrate seamlessly with 1KOMMA5’s Heartbeat Internet of Things smart home manager. It’s this integration that will allow Australia’s households to substantially slash electricity bills, potentially to zero.

“We are delighted to welcome Solaray to the 1KOMMA5 family,” said Chris Williams CEO 1KOMMA5 APAC and CEO of Natural Solar. “Solaray’s ability to deliver high end premium solar and battery products, over more than a decade, perfectly aligns with the 1KOMMA5 philosophy of a one-stop-shop home energy eco-system for Australian households. By moving quickly and executing on the group’s global vision, we look forward to welcoming many more of Australia’s leading renewable companies into the 1KOMMA5 group, becoming the largest provider of home renewable technologies in Australia. Our ability to scale through investment from key investors such as Porsche, supported by the 1KOMMA5 executive team legends of industry such as Philipp Schröder provides an exceptional launching pad for the group in Australia and the APAC region.”

“Solaray is one of the pioneers of the renewable energy industry,” said Philipp Schröder, CEO 1KOMMA5° mission to decarbonise the planet. “We are delighted to welcome founders Jonathan Fisk and Pete Thorne to the 1KOMMA5 global family. This follow-on acquisition within Australia, which is a key market for us due to its scale, will support our aggressive expansion strategy with the objective of becoming the largest solar company by revenue in Australia within the coming months. 1KOMMA5° mission to decarbonise the planet aims to reach EUR 15 billion in annual revenues by 2030. We look forward to further acquisitions in Australia over the coming months.”

Quotes on 1KOMMA5° acquisition by Jonathan Fisk

“My business partner Pete Thorne and I founded Solaray Energy in 2010 after many years in the IT industry,” said Jonathan Fisk co-founder of Solaray. “From day one, we’ve chosen to only install the very best products. It’s this advanced technology that will have the greatest impact in saving the world from a climate catastrophe. Since that very first day we’ve installed almost 100,000 Enphase microinverters in Australia, as well as more than 1,000 Tesla Powerwalls. By joining the 1KOMMA5° mission to decarbonise the planet group, our vision to decarbonise the planet has been turbo charged with green energy!”

About 1KOMMA5°

1KOMMA5° mission to decarbonise the planet has so far acquired 25 companies across Europe and Australia and operates over 40 locations, with $100m being spent in 2023 in Australia alone to achieve its goals. The company’s first acquisition in APAC was Natural Solar, Australia’s largest installer of solar batteries and the installer of the world’s first Tesla Powerwall.