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What is a Solar Orphan?

Tom Sedgwick
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A solar orphan is someone that’s bought a solar system from an installer that is no longer in business. So, a solar orphan has a solar system and they’ve got no one to call for support or for help and if something goes wrong, even something perhaps relatively minor, they can’t get it fixed. Often, they have to take that solar system off the roof and in effect, throw it out and buy a new one to get their solar power operating.

Part of the problem is, if a solar system has been installed incorrectly or even cheaply in the first place, and something goes wrong, we can’t really do anything about it. Because if we go in and try and fix, for example, a connection or even an inverter, and there’s another problem up on the roof, we can’t go and test for that and go and check for that without spending thousands of dollars.

We believe there are hundreds of thousands of homes out there that are called or classified as solar orphans. They have a solar system on their roof and the installer or the company they bought it from is no longer in business.

If you’re in this position, give us a call on 1300 525 451 and we’ll be able to help diagnose your situation and provide clarity on your next best step to take.

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