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Finn Peacock’s Checklist for Comparing Solar Quotes

Tesla Powerwall Blackout Protection

Finn Peacock from SolarQuotes has put together a helpful checklist so that you can compare the 3 different quotes you receive. If you don’t have a copy on hand, you can download the checklist here:

Download Finn Peacock’s Checklist

Power Bill Reduction

You will need to add your system-specific information, however, the information below should help you get you started:

Company Name: 1KOMMA5°

Include the company’s physical address and other contact details?

Unit 3/9 Kilto Cresent Glendenning NSW 2761

Unit 41/2 Cobham St, Reservoir VIC 3073 |

Ph: 1300 525 451

Clean Energy Council Member

CEC Approved Solar Retailer

Smart Energy Council Member

ABN: 80 103 836 497

Electrical Licence: 244921C

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Includes name and licence number of CEC accredited designer who did the design:

1KOMMA5° only uses installers who are accredited by the Clean Energy Council. Because we have a number of different installation teams, the specific details of your installer and system designer will be provided based on the type of installation.

Includes full design sketch (panel layout, inverter position):

Yes. An aerial photo will be provided in your quotation with solar panels superimposed over the photo. Once you place your order, our design team will then provide you with a proposed panel layout. Our designers are CEC accredited and we have one of the most experienced design & installation teams in Australia. Here’s an example of how it will look:

Enphase Components

Plain English, reasonable length contract?

We want everything to be crystal clear for you before you make a decision. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our quotes are valid for 14 days. If you need an extension, please contact your 1KOMMA5° representative and they may be able to offer you an extension. Please note that the STC price can change as it is open to market forces. This will need to be updated to the current STC price if your quote expires.

Is the quoted price the guaranteed final price?

1KOMMA5° does not have any hidden fees and/or charges and your quotation will be for a fully installed system. Please see your quotation for our full terms and conditions.

What STC price is it based on?

Please refer to your quotation.

Does the price include a new electricity meter?

This question is now obsolete. Energy retailers are now fully responsible for your meter replacement, usually at no cost to you. Should you prefer, 1KOMMA5° has an arrangement with Energy Locals where we can arrange to replace your meter at no cost to you. Energy Locals will offset your CO2 emissions, have an attractive feed-in tariff of 10 cents per kWh and have no lock-in contracts.

Does the price include grid connection?

Yes, our price is for a fully installed and connected system and we need to obtain permission to connect your system to the grid before the installation. Please see our above comments about metering. This question became obsolete a long time ago.

Deposit amount: (note: Pay with Credit Card)

Our deposit is normally 10% unless stated otherwise. There are no credit card fees for the deposit.

Balance payable when?

The balance is payable on the installation of panels and inverter (and batteries if applicable) for a solar system, or batteries and EMS hardware for storage systems.

Timeframe for install?

Our lead time is normally 4-6 weeks for an installation, depending on seasonal factors.

Timeframe for final grid connection?

This is up to your energy retailer. We will provide your energy retailer and you with all the paperwork for this to be done promptly.

Estimated power output is given in writing?

Yes, we will always provide an estimated power output that is based on the Clean Energy Council’s guidelines for Sydney, and we will also take into account your specific site details such as orientation, roof angle and any shade.

What self-consumption ratio is assumed on any savings calculations?

The Clean Energy Council’s Code of Conduct states that solar installers should provide output estimates rather than savings calculations. This is because the saving on your power bill is directly related to how much solar power you are able to use in the home as it is generated, and so it is not directly related to your solar system but rather your usage of the power.

Any statement 1KOMMA5° makes related to potential savings will clearly state the percentage of solar power that needs to be used to achieve this figure. Typically, most households will use between 50% up to around 80% of the power generated by a solar system, but there are a number of factors that this depends on such as the size of the system and your energy usage patterns.

Explains your rights under Australian Consumer Law? (legal requirement)

The Consumer building guide is a mandatory document issued by NSW Fair Trading. By law, tradespeople must give consumers a copy of the guide before they sign a contract for residential building work worth more than $5,000. We provide a link to this document in your quotations and in our terms and conditions. You can find the guide here: Consumer Building Guide

Panels, Inverters and Batteries Sections

Please see your quotation for information on the panels, inverter and/or battery.

Further information about the main brands we install is available here:

1KOMMA5° Solar Panels

Trina Solar

Enphase Microinverters

Sungrow Inverters

SolarEdge Oprimisers

Enphase IQ Battery

Tesla Powerwall

All of these brands have a large presence in Australia with a local office.


Site visit before install?

Once you place an order, our design team will assess whether we need to book a site visit with an installer or a technician before your installation.

Assessed any shade properly?

Absolutely. We take shade seriously as it is one of the main performance inhibitors. We use aerial photography to initially assess any shade issues, and your roof’s shade profile will be confirmed by our design team before your installation. If there is any patchy shade across the day, we strongly recommend using Enphase Micro Inverters or a SolarEdge system. We will not install a standard string inverter on most shaded roofs.

Looked at fusebox?

Yes, we require a clear photo of your meter board when you place an order. This will be checked by our installation department and any issues will be addressed before your installation. If your meter board is not up to current Australian Standards, we will need to upgrade your meter board. Typical upgrades include new service fuses and switches, and electrical work in these cases is typically under $100.

Tesla Powerwall Mounted on the Wall

Workmanship warranty

1KOMMA5° has a 10-year workmanship guarantee, and it is considered one of the leading guarantees in the industry. 1KOMMA5°service full-service warranties and we offer free technical service as a part of our platinum service package. Please contact your 1KOMMA5° representative for more information about 1KOMMA5° service standards.

Installer Feedback Score:

1KOMMA5° has been in business for approximately 10 years and is ranked as one of the top solar power companies in Australia on SolarQuotes.

Subcontractors or Employees?

Nearly all large solar companies use subcontractors, and most solar installers are contractors.

1KOMMA5° handpicks a small number of highly-trained and experienced teams that have a track record of upholding our industry-leading installation standards. This is one of the main reasons why 1KOMMA5° is considered the leading independent solar power & storage installer in Australia.

The real reason Finn Peacock wants you to ask this question is that some of the dodgy solar companies have been known to pass on the responsibility of your installation to a sub-contracted installer, and will then want nothing to do with any warranty or service issues. There is also the major issue of these companies auctioning off installations to the cheapest bidder. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the issues consumers are up against at the bottom end of the market, and it is why we strongly recommend you stay away from “cheap solar”. For more information we recommend you read these two articles:

A Warning About Cheap Solar

Shocking News: An Incredible 1 in 5 Solar Installations are Dodgy

Any good/bad experiences reported on (Google “[company name] Whirlpool”)

Because the information on Whirlpool is unable to be verified, and because profile names are often not even real people’s names, we would much prefer it if you looked for feedback (on any solar installer) on platforms where reviews can be verified. Like with most forums, Whirlpool is full of people with their own agendas such as defending the quality of very cheap products simply because they sell them. Solar installers have been caught creating fake profiles and providing negative comments about their competitors. There is also a lot of incorrect advice from people who don’t have the right credentials.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you look at verified reviews, which can be found on Google.

Racking. Good Brands include Radiant, Grace, Sun Lock, Clenergy, Schletter:

We use Clenergy ezRack, which many consider to be one of the best brands in Australia. It is fully compliant with Australian Standards, has a 10-year warranty, and is compatible with most roof types including tile, colorbond and kliplok. Please note, we cannot install on slate roofs.

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