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The Price of a 4kW Solar System

Thinking about solar power for your Sydney home? A 4kW system is a good option for medium-sized houses. It can save you money on your electricity bills and pay for itself in 3-5 years. This article will explain the benefits and help you decide if it's right for you.

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4kW Solar System Price

A good quality 4kW solar system in Sydney typically ranges from $4,000 to $5,000. That is after a government rebate. Depending on the chosen financing option, you can pay the system monthly for around $105 over five years.

This pricing includes highly efficient Chinese-manufactured solar panels like Trina and a string inverter like Sungrow. If you want to upgrade to the latest solar panels with increased efficiency (around 350W per panel), there is an additional cost of up to $1,000.

Most of our installations are now smart solar power systems using the latest technology from Enphase. It enables detailed performance monitoring at the individual panel level, offering valuable insights into your solar power generation. We compare the benefits of Enphase vs a standard system to discover which is a practical choice.

These figures serve as a general guide, and the final cost might vary depending on your situation. Factors like roof type, accessibility, and required permits can influence the price.

A site inspection will be necessary to ensure an accurate quotation. This helps determine if any factors could affect installation complexity or pricing. Our team can provide a more precise quote after discussing your project details.

Moreover, the current government rebate for a 4kW system is around $1,444. However, this is subject to change. By placing an order with us, we lock in the current rebate amount for you, to protect you if the rebate program fluctuates.

4kW Solar System Output

A 4kW solar system in Sydney can generate around 16 kWh of electricity per day, on average, throughout the year. However, this amount will vary depending on the season. You'll see higher outputs during long summer days and lower outputs in winter.

Remember that this 16 kWh is produced during daylight hours, typically following a bell-curve pattern. Most power generation will happen around midday, with less in the morning and evening.

To maximise your use of a 4kW system, ideally, your household's power consumption aligns with solar power generation. This means using more power during the day. A typical quarterly power bill of $500-$800 (translating to roughly 30kWh per day, excluding off-peak hot water usage) indicates good potential for a 4kW system.

Power Bill Reduction

Your solar system generates the most power when the sun directly hits the panels. For a north-facing array in Sydney, this typically happens for about 4 hours around midday.

As the graph shows, even temporary shade from clouds can significantly reduce power output (seen around 10 am). Even in autumn, a well-designed system can continue producing power until late afternoon (almost 7 pm) if the panels capture the lower angle of the setting sun.

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A 4kW system rarely achieves its absolute peak production due to variations in time of day and season. This example showcases a 4kW system split between a west-facing section (6 panels) and a north-facing section (10 panels) on a 20-degree pitched roof. This layout helps maximise power generation throughout the afternoon, as shown in the graph.

In Sydney, flat-mounted panels reach peak efficiency during summer when the sun is high. This 20-degree angled system produces higher output in spring and autumn, with slightly lower production in summer and winter.

Even with a peak output of 3.15 kW on a sunny March day, this system typically generates 20-22 kWh daily. It exceeds the Clean Energy Council's 15.6 kWh guideline.

As a leading Enphase installer in NSW, 1KOMMA5° optimises system design for maximum output, even on shaded roofs. Our expertise is reflected in the 110% average performance of our Enphase systems, exceeding expectations. This superior performance is why thousands of NSW households choose 1KOMMA5° for their solar installations.

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Want to keep an eye on your solar system's performance? 1KOMMA5° includes comprehensive system monitoring free of charge for the entire lifespan of your system. This monitoring allows you to track your energy production and make informed decisions about your energy usage.

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