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12kW Solar System in Sydney: Price, Output & Savings in 2024

Are you considering to expand your solar power system? Or are you starting with a larger system to accommodate your household's energy?

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A 12kW could be a great start. Let's walk you through the important things to consider in installing a 12kW solar system.

12kW Solar System Price

The decreasing cost of photovoltaic panels, mainly due to increased production in China, has driven down overall system prices.

A good-quality 12kW solar power system starts at around $7,990 fully installed, including an inverter from SolarEdge, premium tier-one solar panels such as Trina Solar, and a standard installation.

But is it possible to install a 12kW solar system under $7,990? Yes, installing a 12kW solar system under $7,990 is possible, but there's a catch. These cheaper systems often involve less efficient, mid-range panels, which may lack customer support.

For a larger system like 12kW, prioritising reliability, output, and longevity is crucial.

10kW solar panel system roof installation

Investing slightly more upfront in high-quality components can lead to significant savings over time. While a 12kW system can save you on electricity bills, maximising these savings requires significant daytime power usage (around 70 kWh daily in summer). A top-tier system with a potential payback period of 4 years might cost closer to $15,990.

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12kW Solar System Output

Based on the Clean Energy Council, a north-facing 12kW solar system in Sydney typically generates around 48kWh daily.

Some factors can influence a system's output beyond its size and orientation. At 1KOMMA5°, we focus on optimising performance.

Our experience using high-quality components like the Enphase system suggests they can potentially exceed CEC's estimates. In some cases, Enphase systems in our installations have delivered an average of 110% of the expected daily output.

12kW solar system estimated average daily energy output by month

You can expect your system to generate more in summer than in winter. On a bright summer day, your 12kW system can generate over 65kWh of power.

That's fantastic for maximising solar savings. However, such a high output can exceed what some households use during the daytime.

We often recommend splitting the panel array across two orientations to distribute the output across the day. Or, add battery storage so that any excess solar power can then be used during the evening.

12kW Solar System: Key Figures

12kW solar panel system key figures and information table

12kW Solar System Savings

How much you save with a 12kW solar system depends on your daytime power usage. Here's a breakdown:

  • Reduced Electricity Bills: You'll save between 22 and 30 cents per kWh you use from the solar system.

  • Feed-in Tariffs: Any excess power you generate can be purchased by your electricity provider at 5 to 13 cents per kWh (depending on your retailer).

  • Estimated Savings: A 12kW system can save you $900 to $1200 per quarter on electricity bills.

For a deeper dive into how solar power reduces your electricity bill, visit this resource: How Solar Power Reduces Your Power Bill

10kW LG Glenhaven solar residential installation

12kW Solar System-Number of Panels

As the system grows, investing in top-of-the-brand panels to guarantee durability, enhanced performance in various weather conditions, and a longer-lasting system is vital.

Another factor to think about is the available roof space. We can achieve the same output with fewer panels by installing high-efficiency panels.

For instance, we can use 28 panels of 440W each instead of the usual 29 panels of 425W each, saving space and potentially making installation easier.

12kW Micro Inverter Solar System

Microinverters offer a significant advantage: each solar panel operates independently. Over 80% of our systems incorporate microinverter technology for this very reason. This allows for a more flexible design, enabling us to:

  • Utilise Diverse Roof Areas: Place panels on different roof sections with varying orientations and angles, maximising available sunlight.

  • Spread Power Generation: A common strategy positions some panels facing north for peak midday output, while others face west to capture the afternoon sun.

  • Combat Heat Buildup: On larger systems, airflow under central panels can be limited, leading to overheating and reduced output. Microinverters help mitigate this issue, ensuring optimal performance even during hot summer months.

Read more and discover the 10 benefits of Enphase vs a standard system.

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