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Carbon-neutral energy systems provider 1KOMMA5º announces new investor, cementing position as Europe’s newest climate-tech unicorn

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  • German climate-tech 1KOMMA5° closed a deal with 2150 for a double-digit million Euro sum, following its Series B funding of €215m equity, and additional €215m re-participation options.

  • The sum invested by 2150 will flow into the further development and expansion of 1KOMMA5° software applications around "Heartbeat", and a R&D center in Berlin

  • Founded in 2021, 1KOMMA5° has created a central platform for carbon-neutral energy systems, employing over 1,500 experts operating across 65 locations in 7 countries.

  • 1KOMMA5° is pursuing aggressive growth across Europe, targeting €500m revenues in 2023, rising to €10bn by 2030 with the capacity to convert 1.5 Million buildings until then.

Germany / UK / Denmark, 5 October 2023 1KOMMA5°, the one-stop-shop for climate-neutral energy solutions, confirmed the closing of a double-digit million Euro deal with 2150, a venture capital firm based in Copenhagen, London, and Berlin, investing in the sustainable reshaping of the broad urban environment.

1KOMMA5° will use the funding for the further development and expansion of the company’s software applications around "Heartbeat" and a new R&D center in Berlin with over 100 employees for software and product development as well as a test laboratory. Heartbeat, the proprietary energy IoT system delivering centralized intelligent energy management to extract maximum potential for generated electricity, will be available for use across all compatible systems. With this management system, homeowners will be able to fully optimize their power consumption, increasing their independence from the electricity grid.

Following on from their recent acquisition of Danish market leader, Viasol and expansion into Spain, 1KOMMA5° has confirmed its intention to establish itself as a Europe-wide, market-leading cleaner energy provider. By offering clean-energy infrastructure installation, including solar panels, energy storage, EV wallboxes and heat pumps alongside their intelligent Heartbeat energy management platform, 1KOMMA5° is addressing the urgent need for scalable solutions to enable millions of private customers to embrace climate technologies to decarbonise their homes and transport. 1KOMMA5° is pursuing aggressive growth across Europe, targeting €500m revenues in 2023, rising to €10bn by 2030 with the capacity to convert 1.5 Million buildings until then.

Jacob Bro, Partner & Co-Founder of 2150: “1KOMMA5° is quickly becoming the leading home electrification and decarbonisation platform across Europe. In combination with the growing install base of energy assets, their ‘Heartbeat’ solution unlocks optimal energy usage and price savings for millions of potential customers. This means cleaner and cheaper electricity for households who are rapidly adopting rooftop solar, home batteries, electric vehicles, and heat pumps all the while buffering them from the inherent volatility of renewable wind and solar energy.”

Philipp Schröder, Co-Founder and CEO of 1KOMMA5°: “We’ll use this funding to further refine our ‘Heartbeat’ software to come closer to our goal of living on wind and sunlight forever for free. Currently, we can already control charging stations for electric cars, electricity storage or heat pumps in such a way that we can guarantee an average electricity price of 15 instead of 40 ct/kWh, but that is not the end. We want to reduce the costs of Heartbeat-connected systems to 0 ct in the medium term. But this requires constant further development.”

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About 1KOMMA5°

1KOMMA5° invests in leading companies in the electrical sector with a particular focus on photovoltaic systems, charging infrastructure and heat pumps, and in return offers the entrepreneurs the use of its own software solutions, centralized services, bundled purchasing, growth capital and a reverse shareholding in 1KOMMA5° Holding. The aim is to develop a Europe-wide, market-leading provider by 2030 together with strong, regional specialist companies, with a sales target of 10 billion euros per year and a capacity to convert 500,000 buildings per year to climate-neutral power generation, heat and mobility. Currently, 1KOMMA5° operates more than 65 sites with around 1,500 employees in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Spain, and Australia. 1KOMMA5° is also the provider of the "Heartbeat" energy management system and the operator of a virtual power plant that pools and networks customers' photovoltaics, electricity storage, heat pumps and charging columns, thus greatly increasing the profitability of networked customer systems.

About 2150

2150 is a venture capital firm investing in the sustainable reshaping of the broad urban environment. 2150 backs entrepreneurs working at the forefront of the climate transition and helps scale the companies and technologies with long-term equitable impact across the whole ‘urban stack’, including how cities are built, designed, constructed, and powered, to the way people live, work and are cared for. 

2150 is part of Urban Partners, a platform of vision-aligned, differentiated, investment verticals shaped around urban problem solving.

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