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1KOMMA5° Expands to Spain With Experta Solar

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HAMBURG, Germany / BARCELONA, Spain, 6 September 2023 – 1KOMMA5°, the one-stop-shop for climate-neutral energy solutions, has entered the Spanish market with its investment in Experta Solar. The Barcelona-based company, founded and led by three siblings Mariana, José and Fernando Sánchez, is one of the market leaders for solar and energy storage in Spain, with a focus on CO2-neutral energy solutions. With this investment, 1KOMMA5° obtains a prominent market position and introduces its intelligent Energy IoT solution, Heartbeat, to Spain, the 4th biggest market in Europe.

1KOMMA5° goes Spain - Team

Jose Sánchez & Fernando Sánchez, Co-Founder Experta Solar, Micha Grüber CFO 1KOMMA5°, Jan Meerjansen Head of M&A

Germany’s newest unicorn in the energy industry, 1KOMMA5°, plans EUR 500 million in revenue across all markets in 2023. The aim is to develop a Europe-wide, market-leading clean energy provider, together with strong and regional specialist companies – with a sales target of 10 billion euros per year by 2030 and a capacity to convert 500,000 buildings per year to climate-neutral power generation, heat and mobility. Currently, 1KOMMA5° operates 65 sites with around 1,400 employees in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Denmark and Australia. The expansion into Spain marks the third market entry in 2023 and overall the seventh market that 1KOMMA5° is operating in.

The Spanish renewable energy industry holds immense potential. According to the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC), Spain must reach 19 gigawatt of residential and commercial solar in 2030, while only 6 gigawatt have been installed so far. In 2022, Spain reached 200,500 residential installations, compared to 2.5 million PV systems installed on roofs in Germany.

1KOMMA5° will also introduce Heartbeat, its cutting-edge energy management system, for Spanish households. The IoT platform Heartbeat can be installed and connected to solar panels, batteries, heat pumps, and EV chargers and enables the shifting of flexible loads for optimal energy management. With Heartbeat, customers get the opportunity to optimize their solar and grid consumption, take part in the energy market and decrease the total costs of ownership. Moreover, the country's southern European location gets an abundance of sunlight and long daylight hours, even during winter, which further adds to its potential for boosting energy independence and increasing savings for Spanish customers. 

1KOMMA5° is already a market leader for energy solutions in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark and among the top three providers in Germany. Together with the new partner in Spain, the company plans to further expand its location network to become the market leader in Spain. Besides the headquarters in Barcelona and its leading position in the area, Experta Solar currently runs its business in seven cities, including hubs in Madrid and the Balearic Islands. The company expects to double its revenue in Spain this year and plans to open new locations in the cities of Málaga, Murcia, and Alicante to fulfill the increasing demand in south-eastern Spain.

“The addition of Experta Solar and the expansion into Spain with the launch of Heartbeat is an exciting development for 1KOMMA5°. Mariana, José and Fernando have built a healthy and steadily growing business and together, we are now doubling down on decarbonising buildings, empowering customers to participate in the electricity market and contributing to a sustainable, CO2-neutral future,” said Philipp Schröder, co-founder and CEO of 1KOMMA5°.

“Joining 1KOMMA5° allows us to go from being a company specialized in photovoltaic installations to a company that offers all the infrastructure to maximize the energy efficiency of homes and businesses. Not only that, access to the group's software solutions, centralized services, joint purchasing and growth capital, gives us an extraordinary competitive advantage. None of our competitors have developed an intelligent system like Heartbeat, a technology that enables people to optimize their home's electricity consumption. With 1KOMMA5° we hope to become leaders in the national sector and make a significant contribution to the energy transition in Spain, that we so urgently need," said Fernando Sánchez, co-founder and CEO of Experta Solar.

About 1KOMMA5° 

1KOMMA5° invests in leading companies in the electrical sector with a particular focus on photovoltaic systems, charging infrastructure and heat pumps, and in return offers the entrepreneurs the use of its own software solutions, centralized services, bundled purchasing, growth capital and a reverse shareholding in 1KOMMA5° Holding. The aim is to develop a Europe-wide, market-leading provider by 2030 together with strong, regional specialist companies, with a sales target of 10 billion euros per year and a capacity to convert 500,000 buildings per year to climate-neutral power generation, heat and mobility. Currently, 1KOMMA5° operates more than 65 sites with around 1,400 employees in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Spain, and Australia. 1KOMMA5° is also the provider of the "Heartbeat" energy management system and the operator of a virtual power plant that pools and networks customers' photovoltaics, electricity storage, heat pumps and charging columns, thus greatly increasing the profitability of networked customer systems.

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