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1KOMMA5° Makes Its Entry into the Italian Market with Vincenzo Ferreri as the CEO

1KOMMA5° is entering the Italian market with Vincenzo Ferreri as CEO. He led sonnen in Italy and will drive the company's expansion into the country. 1KOMMA5° aims to become a market leader in Europe with sales of 10 billion euros per year by 2030. The Italian headquarters will be in Bergamo, and a flagship showroom is planned in Milan.
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Italian Energy Market Gets a Boost with 1KOMMA5°'s Entry

We are thrilled to announce that 1KOMMA5° is now entering the Italian market, making new strides towards revolutionizing CleanTech solutions. Vincenzo Ferreri, our CEO and Co-Founder of 1KOMMA5° Italy, is set to lead our expansion in the Italian market. Ferreri's expertise and experience and expanding business operations of battery manufacturing  in Italy make him the perfect person to bring 1KOMMA5°'s services and innovative solutions to the forefront of the Italian renewable energy industry. With Bergamo as our headquarters, we plan to showcase our clean energy offerings at our flagship showroom in Milan. 

The Italian clean energy industry holds immense potential, and 1KOMMA5° values this market entry to contribute significantly to the transition of the Italian energy sector. Introducing our supplier-independent IoT platform to the Italian market, equipped with self-learning capabilities and a wealth of knowledge on individual consumption, weather data, and electricity prices. With access to cutting-edge technology, our platform enables the shifting of flexible loads for optimal energy management. Through this our customers get the opportunity to optimize their solar and grid consumption, take part in the energy market and decrease the total costs of ownership. 

Moreover, the country's southern European location implies an abundance of sunlight and long daylight hours, even during winter, which further adds to its potential for boosting energy independence and increasing savings for our Italian customers.

Vincenzo Ferreri, 1KOMMA5° Italy

Vincenzo Ferreri, 1KOMMA5° Italy

1KOMMA5° Aims to Become a Market Leader in Europe by 2030

1KOMMA5° is looking to become a market-leading provider of clean energy technology with sales targets of 10 billion Euro annually by 2030 and plans to convert 500,000 buildings annually to climate-neutral power generation, heat, and mobility. We currently operate in various countries worldwide with nearly 1,200 employees across 56 sites, including in Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Australia, along with the new addition of Italy.

With Ferreri's appointment and the aid of our highly experienced team and scalable digital processes, 1KOMMA5° is well on its way to becoming the market leader in Europe. Our primary objective is to achieve 100 million Euros in sales in Italy within 24 months, and we have already identified a pipeline of potential acquisitions to make that happen.

We believe that our innovative and scalable digital solutions will pave the way towards a sustainable and clean energy future, where everyone will ride on wind and sunlight forever for free. At 1KOMMA5°, we are fully committed to our vision of a world where all energy is renewable, and we aspire to continue innovating and leading the way in the transition to a clean and sustainable future of energy supply.


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