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No Electricity Bills – Can You Eliminate Your Power Bill With Solar Power?

The 1KOMMA5° Team wants you to get the best value out of your solar system, which typically means a fast return on your money. A well-sized solar system can pay for itself in as little as 3-5 years with a 5kW system potentially saving you up to $50,000 on your power bills over the life of the system.

However, many 1KOMMA5° customers are more interested in minimising or even eliminating their electricity bills with solar power!

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For example, people who are entering retirement will use spare cash or money from their superannuation to set themselves up for the next 25 years without having to worry about a power bill. Other people are just sick and tired of rising energy prices, and like one customer told me the other day, he just wants to ‘stick it to the energy retailers’.

But is it really possible to zero off your energy bills and no longer pay for electricity with solar power?

Absolutely it is, in fact, many of our customers are doing just that:

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How to Stop Paying an Electricity Bill with Solar Power

Solar power is fed into the home to directly reduce your power bill, with excess solar power fed into the grid. This excess solar power is sold to your energy retailer at a set rate according to your contract. Typically, feed-in tariffs in NSW are around 5-8 cents a kWh, however with a bit of searching it is possible to get paid up to around 12 cents a kWh like in the example above.

If your price for electricity is around 24 cents a kWh, which is about average for Sydney, all you have to do is export twice as much electricity as you buy. For example:

Your solar system generates 40 kWh during the day.

You use 20 kWh. You export 20 kWh.

You come home from work and only use 10 kWh overnight. For that day, you haven’t paid any money for electricity!

Now the obvious point that needs reinforcing here is that your solar system is going to need to be oversized compared to if you were trying to minimise your payback period, but many households are looking for a lot more than a good ROI. Energy independence for the next few decades is a fantastic feeling to achieve, especially for those who consider the economic climate to be a bit uncertain. We have a number of customers who have utilised use spare cash now to lock in low power bills for the next 25 years or so.

The Supply Charge

The final point that needs considering is that your power bill includes a supply charge that is a set fee per day for being connected to the grid. If this charge is around $70 or so for the quarter, you will need to export an additional 6 kWh or so a day, which would be the power generated from 1.5kW of panels. For most households it isn’t going to make financial sense to add an additional 1.5kW of panels to their array to cover the supply charge, however, the option is there if you want it, especially now that larger solar systems are getting so affordable. For most households looking to minimise their power bill, we would recommend aiming to get it under $100 rather than trying to zero it out.

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The 1KOMMA5° Team will never try to sell you a solar system that is larger than what you need, so please ask us for advice on what you are trying to achieve with solar power and we will be happy to help. Typically we will aim to reduce your power bill by 30%-70%, however, we have many happy customers who no longer pay for their electricity, just like in the example above.

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